HR & Immigration Services

Secqoia offers the following HR and Immigration related services in Cyprus:


  • Locating directors, quality senior management and qualified personnel
  • Drafting of Employment Agreements
  • Drafting of Mutual Release Agreements

Department of Social Insurance

  • Company and employees’ registration
  • Employee registration (new hiring)
  • Issuance of codes for online payments
  • Strike off from Social Insurance
  • Issuance of certificates

In addition to the above, Secqoia undertakes all the procedures for the issue of work permit for people that come from third countries, yellow slips, residence permit and any other document you might need.


  • Registration certificates – Yellow Slips for EU citizens
  • Issue and renewal of Entry Visas
  • Registration of employees at Civil Registry and Migration Department
  • Issue and renewal of Temporary Residents Permits for third-country nationals

In case you are interested in relocating to Cyprus for the purpose of starting your own business, buy a house or for initiating your studies, Secqoia can guide you through.

To receive more information on our HR and immigration services please feel free to contact us.