Administrative Services Provider (ASP) License

The Competent Professionals Team (CPT) of Secqoia Ltd can help you obtain an Administrative Services Provider (ASP) license in Cyprus, by acting as your company’s promoter.

In accordance with the legal framework of CySEC, an ASP can provide the following administrative services:

  • The management or directing of trusts including, without limitation, the undertaking or provision of trustee (commissioner) or protector of trusts, wherever these are created or established, or the management or investment or marketing of assets of a trust.
  • The undertaking or provision of the service of managing companies, including, but not limited, to the management or the managing of companies, general or limited partnerships, or other organizations with or without separate legal personality anywhere these may be registered or established and the provision of the following services:
    • Providing directors for legal persons;
    • Secretary or assistant secretary of legal persons;
    • Holding the share capital of legal persons and registering the holder in the respective registers of shareholders on behalf of third persons;
    • Provision of address of registered office and or the official mail and or electronic address of companies;
    • Provision of general or limited partners in partnerships;
    • Provision of other similar services or in conjunction with services described above, in relation to other legal persons or organizations, with or without separate legal personality; and,
    • Opening or managing bank accounts.
  • Safe keeping of financial instruments on behalf of clients, including acting as depositary, as defined in Annex III, Part II, paragraph 1 of the Investments Services and Activities and Regulated Markets Law, and other related services, unless this is provided as an ancillary service by an IF in the framework of the Investment Services and Activities and Regulated Markets Law.

Secqoia provides complete, readymade solutions, which include the following:

  1. Incorporation of a Cyprus Company limited by shares (including all relevant corporate documentation, including but not limited to Memorandum and Articles of Association, Certificate of Registered Office, Certificate of Shareholders, Certificate of Directors and Secretary).
  2. Consulting related to the choice of Administrative Services, based on proposed business model(s).
  3. Consulting on structuring a cost-effective organizational structure.
  4. Preparation of the “Application File”, which includes, among others:
    • Preparation of a truly customized Procedures and Policies Manual relating to prevention of money laundering and terrorism financing
    • Preparation of all relevant KYC and Client Acceptance Policies and Procedures
    • Assistance in the preparation of the required Brief Summary of the activities of the applicant
    • Assistance in the development of all Policies and Procedures relating to the safekeeping and usage of clients’ financial instruments and/or clients’ funds and preparation of the required Brief Description of such safekeeping and usage procedures
    • Review of the questionnaires of the shareholders, directors, and senior management of the proposed ASP
    • Assistance and guidance in providing necessary documentation and certificates
    • Completion and Preparation of the application form
    • Preparation of letter(s) to accompany the application, if necessary
    • Submission of the application form to CySEC
  5. Post Application submission follow up and response to communication with CySEC.
  6. Assistance in locating and recruiting appropriate personnel.
  7. Advise on fees payable to CySEC.
  8. Support on inquiries concerning the application process.


Secqoia is committed to providing quality post-authorization services to your newly authorized ASP Firm, relevant to your ongoing regulatory obligations:

  • Outsourced Regulatory Compliance Services
  • Compliance and Money Laundering Compliance Support Services
  • CETE (Compliance Enquiries Through Emails)
  • Due diligence of specific processes and procedures
  • Preparation and documentation of internal procedures and processes
  • Specialized Support in a variety of areas (such as specialized advising, drafting of legal documentation, providing assistance on resolving ad-hoc operational issues etc.)

Despite the fact that our prices are, most probably, the best in the industry, we are committed to provide you with a beneficial counteroffer in case you receive a better offer from any other firm.

For more information and to receive a preliminary quotation, please feel free to contact us.